Eat, sleep and fill-in-the-blank — the three essential slots for survival. For me, writing is the third corner of the triangle that makes my life whole.

I’ve been writing since I had an age in the single digits. I have countless novels that I started writing while coasting through my grade school years. In high school, I started getting more serious about my passion and in college I took it to a whole new level: pursuing a degree in print journalism.

I now have 10 years of published experience in the newspaper and communications industry,  both from full-time and freelance positions. These experiences have allowed me to develop an array of valuable skills including writing, editing and layout design. People often complement my writing voice, and I appreciate the positive feedback on my talents.

My experiences have also given me the ability to cater my writing to a variety of audiences, meaning no project is off-limits for my. My background includes writing in a variety of applications: print newspapers, online news departments, corporate communications and book writing.

It goes beyond my education and my history: the truth is, I can’t wait to tell your story.

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