I am a writer. 

It started when I was young, maybe 10 years old, writing novels for fun. Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in journalism was a natural transition into the adult world. Now, I’m actively living my childhood dream as a published author. I also fulfill the charitable part of my soul by working with nonprofits on writing projects, helping tell each organization’s impactful story. With a background in marketing and communications, I take my writing skills into the for-profit world, too. Whether you’re from an organization or an avid story reader, I hope to inspire something for you with my words. In this sense, my purpose is sharing yours.

I am a Wisconsin native filling many shoes: a mother, entrepreneur, health enthusiast, and agility champion wannabe. My daughters keep me on my toes while my dog, Mara, keeps me on the move. Or, maybe it’s vice-versa. My husband? He’s a whole ‘nother story. Our family enjoys traveling, experiencing the outdoors and cooking with real, nutritional ingredients, many grown in our own backyard.

I have more than a decade of experience as a published writer from a variety of publications and roles, including full-time positions and freelance work. I hold a Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Internet Marketing from Florida Institute of Technology as well as two Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire in Print Journalism and Spanish. Check out my portfolio for some writing examples, or connect with me on LinkedIn to view my complete background.