5DaystoPositiveLifeTwo days after my daughter was born 28 days early, my 3-year-old nephew was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Cancer. Childhood cancer, and a premature baby. These life experiences are certainly something that will shape your perspective.

You know what? Life happens. Circumstances out of our control, whether tragic or not, create instant change, turning our worlds upside down. Miserably, however, is no way to live the one life we’re each given. We can always make the choice to react with resilience, learning from our struggles and strifes.

As children, we have dreams and ideas about what life will entail as we grow into adults. Often, what we wanted then is not what we’re living now. Entering our modern society means making compromises on our dreams and desires, morphing everyday life into something that leaves us feeling half full.

Guess what? The clock is ticking, and time isn’t going to stop. The good news is, we actually have more time than we realize — we’re just often spending it in ways that are making a negative impact. It’s time to switch those experiences to create a positive life.

5 DAY CHALLENGE: Create Positive Life Change

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Take the Challenge

If you were one of those people that skipped out on or slept through math class, I’m sorry — but we’re about to break this down with some basic numbers.

  • Working a 40-hour workweek at our standard 9 to 5 (and let’s assume a 1-one commute round trip) equates to 48 hours dedicated to our job.
  • A 7-day week totals 168 hours of time alive.
  • Take the total hours in the week, and subtract the time spent at work: 168 minus 48 equals 120 hours left throughout the week.
  • Divide this number by 7, for the average daily hours available (I realize time allocates differently on the weekends when you don’t have work but, remember, this is basic math for perspective). So, the average number of hours available each day outside of work is 17 (120 hours divided by 7).
  • Grabbing our 8 hours of sleep each night leaves us with9 hoursof free-time (17 minus 8).Nine hoursto be spending with family, working towards life goals, enjoying particular moments.

Many people with a full-time job and a family feel overwhelmed, without enough time for the things we’d like to enjoy in life. The problem is likely more that too many people are spending those 9 hours on activities that don’t allow for the ones they’d really enjoy, the ones they feel are missing.

The good news is, we can take baby steps to incorporate more positive in our lives, thereby developing life habits that help us achieve a life to love. We can revive childhood dreams and individual passions, and live those in our every day.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand you’re not always able to only do things that you truly love and that exactly fit inside your purpose. Sometimes, though, we can shift our perspective and make decisions that create a different experience in life.


Over the next 5 days, I’d like to help you change that perspective and incorporate some small activities into your life that bring you joy. This 5-day challenge can be repeated however often to help you develop mini habits that really shape your life into something you love.

Let’s Get Started.

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