I have a passion for working with nonprofit organizations. Writing has a purpose, but writing for an organization with a cause brings more meaning to my words. Let’s work together on promoting your cause and building a strong foundation for growing your organization.

Together, we’ll tell your story.

Our project together can help you increase awareness about your cause, recruit volunteers, boost fundraising efforts and attract and retain large donors. My process involves a discovery period, research on statistical data and competitive analysis, personal interviews for emotional appeal and professional writing that results in a cohesive, consistent organizational message.

Your Case for Support is the end result. It’s a valuable document that can be sent to large donors to attract new contributors and help previous donors understand the reason to continue supporting your cause. It can be divided and repurposed for marketing materials that target volunteers, promote fundraising events and increase awareness about your cause.

At the end of my process, I’ll make some strategical suggestions for using the materials we create together to maximize the impact it has on your organization.

Contact me so we can take the first step together toward boosting donations, building awareness and landing large donors to support your nonprofit.

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What are the essentials of a Case for Support? Check out my list of FAQs here.

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