Content is a great marketing tool.
Content is a great marketing tool.

People crave information. Free, entertaining, informative — these are the key qualities content should include in order to have a positive affect on your intended audience.


This is the most basic way to present your content in order to help people find you. Blogs will help search engine traffic land on your webpage. A truly compelling blog will do one better: by getting the reader interested in your cause, service, product. etc. If you’re not producing any content but looking to start, this is the best place to kick off your content marketing efforts.

E-mail Marketing

Step No. 2 would be building a list of regular readers for your blog content. Beyond random search traffic, you need to build an audience who consistently has you on their mind in order to maximize the impact of your content. So — send them a little newsletter, and make them pay attention.


In a world of digital communications, this is a most tangible piece of content to give your audience as a way to also gauge the level of interest an individual has in your organization. A short booklet, a free tool, an e-book with a teaser sampler of tips that directly relates to your organization’s main product or service — it’s a great way to fuse content dissemination with any sales process.

Social Media

This is an important piece of the pie not for hosting your content but for dissemination. Social media users tend to stick to the single platform they most enjoy, so its important to distribute links to your blogs on a variety of social outlets in order to hit the largest audience. Need help with social? I happen to know a great marketing firm that manages social media accounts for businesses and nonprofits.

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