How to Prepare for Your Crowdfunding CampaignWhen it comes to fundraising for your nonprofit organization, there are lot of fun and exciting opportunities to explore to find, engage and retain donors.

Using online tools really opens up a lot of doors for finding funds, and a crowdfunding campaign is something you may want to consider in the running.

Warning: Don’t jump into creating your crowdfunding campaign too quickly. This is not something that can be done overnight! Strategic planning and forethought will set you up for the best success.

How should I plan my writing strategy for my crowdfunding campaign?

  1. Determine the places you need content, and a timeline for the content’s release. Areas you may need to create for your campaign include:
  • Campaign page content & your ask
  • Press release for promoting your campaign
  • Blog posts to amp up attention for your organization as well as provide updates on your campaign and the people involved
  • E-mail scripts for personal follow ups & Thank You’s to donors
  • E-mail newsletter content
  • Social media posts
  • Follow up content, to be used as blogs, in e-mails, or perhaps a press release to show the impact the donations made
  1. Take time to determine, learn about and understand your audience: The “who” is very important — not just who you help, but also who wants to help. Before writing, you need to identify the people who are going to be interested in your project. Brainstorm a list of demographics that are important to your nonprofit, and narrow the list to really focus on your ideal target audience and cater your voice to these readers.
  1. Identify the “Why.” Find stories that humanize your organization, and connect with the people who are needed to have those stories told. This step connects back to step 1 where you are creating a timeline for content creation: when interviewing real people to help tell the stories, its going to take time — so be sure to allow for this process as part of your story-telling strategy.

Do you think a crowdfunding campaign will help your nonprofit raise money? Let’s connect and talk more about how I can support you in this process.

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