Improve Donor Communication
Stop soliciting and start story telling! A well-planned communication strategy will help nurture your supporter relationships.

Communication is defined as a process of expressing and exchanging ideas, thoughts and information in order to create a connection between people.

Think about every communication you have with with your donors and supporters — are you setting it up as a an engaging conversation? It might be time that your organization reassess your strategy and find a way to improve donor communication.

Check out these two examples of social media posts, and how the hook grabs your attention differently.

“We need help reaching our goal! We’d like to raise $30K as part of our annual fundraiser in order to help animals like Spot find furever homes. Donate now!>>website link.<<”


“We are so happy to share that Spot has found such a wonderful furever home! Check out these heart-warming pictures of the Smith family enjoying the company of their new furball. Thanks for sharing the pictures, and thanks to everyone who supports our organization to make this possible. Learn more about adopting and donating here >>website link.<<”

Here’s the difference: the first example is simply a solicitation. You are telling your followers that you need money, and asking them to give — that’s really it. In the second example, your showcasing the impact your organization has had (thanks to your donors) and your creating a place for people to have a conversation. Perhaps someone will jump in on the comments and share how in love they are with their own pet they adopted years back, and then decide to follow your link and donate again. Isn’t this a more valuable donation that a one-time give from someone who simply felt solicited?

There are a number of items to consider when developing a plan to improve donor communication.

If you’re ready to go all-in and create a solid plan for Donor Communication, then check out the FREE guide I have below. If you have any questions about how to improve donor communication, shoot me at e-mail at [email protected].

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