Testimonial Turned Case Study: How Customer Stories Boost Business

One happy customer can lead to hundreds, but only so long as Couple at cafe ordering from menu waitresspotential customers know about your smiling consumers in the first place. This is where the art of story-telling can greatly benefit your business, transforming a customer testimonial from a 5-star rating on Yelp to a powerful, reusable piece of marketing collateral.

Traditionally labeled as case studies, stories about positive customer experiences help potential customers to make the decision to choose your brand over the next because of the trust built through proven customer satisfaction.

When individuals are considering purchase decisions — whether it be dining at a restaurant, hiring a contractor for a large home remodeling paycheck, choosing a brand of dog food or signing up for a gym membership — each consumer will seek input from trusted friends, relatives and even savvy internet reviewers for feedback on where to put their money and why.

Why Does Your Business Need Customer Case Studies?

This word-of-mouth marketing gives your business a boost, but rather than let this type of advertising happen ad hoc, businesses should capture the power of a positive testimonial and transform it into a compelling, influential piece of marketing collateral.

Customer testimonials (case studies) can be repurposed and used in a variety of settings: added to your website, shared on social media, created as a press release, published in trade magazines, dissected for powerful quotes in marketing brochures and so on. Case studies should be written with a friendly voice, using a journalistic style that makes it reputable while also capturing the readers attention.

As a professional writer with a journalistic background, writing case studies is something I get excited about. I’ll work with your marketing and sales teams to understand the core of your business, and identify the types of satisfied customers we need to connect with to create the most compelling case study to boost your business. Then, I’ll write — and the end result is a quality, professional piece of collateral that can be used to sell your business time and again, for years to come.

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